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November 16, 2007


Laura Higgins

Now people will know why I haven't been posting to my own genomics blog! Motorcycle racing is one of these sports that is really hard for women to break into. One, it is a team sport. While it is only you out there on the track, it takes several people to do bike mechanic work, haul all the bike(s), tools, and gear to the track, and even help pull off your leathers when you're too tired to wiggle out of them yourself! The other side of the coin is dedication! One weekend is fun, but if you're going to win points you have to be consist and show up every race! Did I mention expensive?
Motorcycle racing is extremely fun, adrenaline-filled, you get to build your skill and challenge yourself, and of course listen to the guys whine about being beaten by a girl! Motorcycle racing is the hardest sport I've ever done! The combination of being physically demanding (you squat on two little pieces of metal while shifting your body around) and mentally challenging (you must be perfect with every turn, every lap, and watch the person in front of you to make a mistake, plot your strategy, and get around them)!
Now off to the show!

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